Friday, September 16, 2005

Mine is bigger than yours!!!

Ok... So I am flipping through Lion Brand's Fall 2005 catalog and the first thing that catches my eye is this. Check out that HUGE cable!!! Size 19 needles?!?!? They do have the pattern available for purchase for $2.50 and the kit for $54.95. But....but....but.... LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT CABLE!!!!!! LoL

It made me giggle... So I had to post it...


he he he... I have also gotten my DBF into the Harry Potter books. He ripped through the first 3 quickly. He is reading GoF right now and really enjoying it. That one is my favorite so far.


I have finished the sleeves and I am now seaming the HP Inspired Quidditch Sweater!!! Seaming, seaming, fun, seaming... This is my first time to seam set-in sleeeves, but after I started I figured it out...

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