Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Funny stuff...

Mom and I made a quick trip into Joann's yesterday (bad idea). Now that I'm doing SP6, if I find something that I think is knifty, I have to buy two!! I have to share!! LoL. It isn't too bad when you have those nice 40% off coupons. I would post what I purchased yesterday, but that might give me away. HINT: It is way c-ewe-te. [ewe = u]

Another thing about SP6. My assignment hasn't updated her blog in over a month (she only has her initial entry). And she won't return my emails. I have been in contact with my hostess and I am waiting for her word on what to do. Such a shame b/c I have a box of goodies ready to ship.

Here is a pic of what I started last night while watching that horrible Cowboys game. I am so happy that I am a Packers fan, eventhough they aren't doing that well either. They are the gauntlets (fingerless gloves) from Hollywood Knits.

That is my personal pattern book. I have scanned my favorite patterns and put them in a binder with the book/magazine issue listed. This way I have less searching to do when I am looking for one of my favorites.

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