Monday, August 22, 2005

That was Word, this is Blogger...

Ok... This is using the online post thingy... I can change colors here... Not there... It must be nap time b/c I am getting a little goofy!!! LoL

I did find a really nifty blog reading program. I like to read knitting blogs and I wanted something that would tell me when someone had a new post... Blog Navigator actually syncs up with the blogs you enter (and save) and looks for new posts... Oh... A link?? Here it is!!

I finished my sweetie's sweater... I think he will be really warm in it... Pictures this week (sometime)... I have started an HP Quidditch inspired sweater. I have the main body and sleeves done... I am just hand knitting the ribbing now... I will put it all together when I am done with that...

While I was at Walmart the other day, I found some Red Heart Plush yarn. It knits up really quick on the machine and feels wonderful!! I wanted to use Simply Soft, but they didn't have the almond color that I wanted. I ended up getting the Plush in the colors I wanted AND the Simply Soft in the blue I wanted, but settled for the grey as my accent color. Two sweaters instead of one. Oh well. At least I will have a variety this fall!!

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