Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Small update.......

Had a ton of fun at the lake this weekend. Of course, I had to endure Jimmy (one of my best friends) giving me a hard time b/c I knit!!! "All you need is a bun in your hair, and you'd look like a 60 y/o lady!" So what if I like to sit on the porch in the morning and knit while everyone else is drinking their coffee to wake up!! I don't drink caffeine (unless it is Chinese hot tea or green tea).

YAY to all the 20-somethings that knit!!! :oP to Jimmy!!! LOL

I almost forgot!!! I seamed my hunny's sweater last night. I just need to put the ribbed collar on, wash and block it. The sleeves are a little big, but he told me, "It just looks comfy. Don't worry, honey. I will wear it no matter how it looks."

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