Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No More Ugly Needlemaster Case!!!!

Ok.... So I borrowed some of mom's spraypaint. (BTW-she has like every color ever made) The 70's look of the Needlemaster case is now a foo-foo pink/coral color!!! It somewhat matches my knitting bag (which is one of those makeup freebies that my mother gave me). The bag is actually bigger than the pic makes it look.

I think I am going to to back to her house when we have our sewing day and put some strips on the Needlemaster case.

Since I am a Harry Potter fan, and so are my friends, I am going to venture into making Weasley Sweaters and possibly Quidditch Sweaters. But I am going to do it my own way. Fitted for us girls, and not a bulky for the boys. I plan on using Knitware and Stitch Painter to draw up the designs. Of course, I will try to post the files (PDF) when they are complete. So excited. Can't figure out what yarn to use. Of course, I have to make a guage swatch before I finish the design in KW and SP. I am very tempted to use the Caron Simply Soft, b/c I like the feel, but I already have the colors in Red Heart at the house. DECISIONS! DECISIONS!! Maybe I should just finish my boyfriend's sweater before I go getting ahead of myself.

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