Monday, July 25, 2005


*** CAUTION: VeNtInG aLeRt!! ***

Ok, so the past several weeks, I have been the one fighting with Comcast b/c our cable internet (at work) has been out more than it has been online. URG!!!! It has been out in the whole building since they decided up upgrade their bandwidth!!! Since I am the most techno-savvy of my office, I am the designated internet complaint department!!! Oh well. Long story short - we are upgrading to a T1 connection. Woo hoo!! But, I am the one that gets to climb in the attic and run the cables from the phone room to each office!!! LoL

*** Venting Complete ***

I started on a hat to match my cool sweater that I designed. I still need to put the eyelash trim on it, but that is all that is left. We've been so busy, that I haven't been able to work on my USM, so I have been handknitting. It was so nice to ride the Trinity Railway Express from Ft Worth to Dallas and knit the whole time!! Very relaxing!!! Maybe I need a little knitting bag, just big enough for a small skein and a small project. Hmmmm... Very tempting...

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