Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Cozy Cozy

Well, this book cozy started out as a hand knit scarf that I had started at my boyfriend's family reunion. The reunion was the big Harry Potter release weekend, so I had preordered the book. When we returned, it was waiting for me!!!

So I go into my office/study to get my fancy HP book labels (this book belongs to...) and I look at my other HP books. One of them looked like it was well read, which it was. I had taken it everywhere and I figured I would do the same with the new one. That is why I decided to make a book cozy. I wanted to protect one of my treasures.

The exciting part was, the scarf that I was working on was the perfect width to fit on the book!!! I just had to knit some more length. When that was done, I put it together and knit on a book mark and ties to keep it closed!!! It turned out fantastic as you can see!!! PLUS, it is stretchy so I can use it on other books as well!!!

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