Thursday, November 10, 2011

CRAFTY-MOMMA: Happy Halloween and other sewing

Our first Halloween was a lot of fun! Well, except that the Pichu decided to come down with a stomach bug. That was three days of poopie diapers and a limited diet (pedialite, water, brown rice, bananas, formula, and yo-baby yogurt). I think it bothered me more than him. It helped that we were already home for those three days with a water leak repair.

If you're wondering about our costumes, I am a Pikachu and he is, of course, a Pichu. I made both of them, with exception to Pichu's pichu hood (thanks, Laura!). I drafted my costume from a Kigurumi that I already had. I just added ears and the other Pikachu features. Pichu's costume was made with McCall's Pattern M5963 (Infants' Lined Buntings and Jackets, Jumpsuits, Pants, Reversible Blanket and Hat, All Sizes), which worked out really well! I plan on using it for a few other things. Its so versatile, that I traced the paper pattern instead of cutting it out.

Thanks to Texas weather, we were a little warm in our fleece and flannel costumes. But, we will be ready to enter the cosplay competition at YuleCon this year!

There has also been a little more sewing! I found a pattern on Etsy (evil, evil place ;op) for some Monkey Pants! I had seen them in one of my parenting magazines and thought they were adorable! Of course, I'm not going to pay $60 for one pair of pants that my pichu will only be able to wear for 3 months, at the most. There's where Etsy comes in. I could have bought some handmade ones.... or I could make them myself! (Etsy link: monkey pants pattern) The only change I would make is to draw the legs a little wider. I don't know if its my boy's chunky legs, but these ended up being just a little snug for a 6 month old, and the size I made was for 6 to 12 months. Next time, I'll do that! Also note, the monkey is on the bottom, so you can see it when he's crawling around.

And finally, a new play mat! I made this so when he goes to visit Nana or DebDeb, he has a play mat to play on. We have one in our living room that we keep a machine wash blanket on, which makes accidental spit-ups waaaaaaay easier to clean up than if they were on our rug. This was LOSELY based on McCall's Patterns M5604 (Baby Items, One Size Only). Its where I got the idea. I bought some quilt cotton that I liked (you could use whatever you want, I suggest washable) and double layered some batting in the middle. Super easy and super awesome! When Pichu gets bigger, he can use it to lay on or wrap up in for naptime!

It feels great to be crafting again, even if its only during naptime and when daddy is home on the weekend.

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