Thursday, August 06, 2009

Creative Brain EXPLOSION!

I’ve been sewing A LOT lately, but last night I was distracted by something yarnie. I have a new lil ASUS netbook on the way and it needs something more than just a plain ol’ black sleeve. So I cast on a netbook cover, which I am going to call “Blasphemy”. Details?

PATTERN: 12” Powerbook Cover (rav) --- which is where I got the project name
YARN: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (blue bonnet, violet, grass, cherry blossom)–-- all from my seemingly bottomless sampler stash
NEEDLES: US9 --- Lantern Moons that I bought when I was in New Orleans

This morning, I remembered a no-sew pattern that my friend Shanna posted on my Facebook… It reminded me of those envelopes that they showed with the MacBook Air.

PATTERN: Fabric Envelopes from Design Sponge

I think this would also make a great little sleeve for a netbook, MacBook, whatever. I’ve had my eye on some pretty pre-quilted material at Joanns, that might just work. Of course, I would be sewing it for structural integrity. Might make a really nice gift for someone….. I wonder if I can find the fabric in purple? Maybe add a little personalized embroidery?

I’ve also frogged my San Fran Shrug, after hearing that it turns out a lot smaller than planned. Plus, the pattern says its for a small adult, which I do not belong in that group anymore. I plan on casting it back on, double stranded and on bigger needles. Details?

PATTERN: Eyelet Shrug from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders
YARN: Lion Brand Wool Ease Worsted – sparklie white

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