Tuesday, July 07, 2009

FO: Shower Curtain Jumper Skirt

JSK01 - ShowerCurtainJSK, originally uploaded by BigPikaChica.

I've been sewing... Well, not just sewing... but Lolita Sewing!! woot!

Project Title: #3 Shower Curtain JSK
Short Project Description: When I was digging through my fabric stash I found this amazing fabric that used to be my shower curtains, that my mom had made me several years ago. I couldn't resist using this fabric! It is some of my favorite! I <3 Mary Engelbreit!
Project Start Date: 6/29/09
Planned Finish Date: none
Actual Finish Date: 7/3/09
Did you make changes from original plan? Yes. I had originally made it way too big. See my update for my ruffled-solution. I also decided to add my bow to the front, instead of the back.
Problems encountered that halted progress: Measured myself and cut out the pattern in the corresponding size (actually had to go back to the store for the bigger pattern). While putting it all together, I noticed it was rather large. (sigh) So I have put darts in the bodice, chopped the collar and taken in the sides of the bodice. All of the visible cut-seams have been button-holed over.
Ways considered to solve the problem: Break out the pins and scissors! Start whacking away! After being inspired by my new GLBs (v32 & v33) that arrived this morning, I think I will cover the re-cut edges with more pink ruffle.
Did you discover something you want to share? The Simplicity pattern that I used (3673) seems to run really big. I cut the size for my measurements and ended up having to heavily alter my finished jumper.
How happy are you with the result? (in percentage, ie 60%, 100%, 20%) 90%, I wish the bodice fit better.... but I really like it with all the extra ruffles!

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