Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WIP: Just a Scarf

WIP: Just a Scarf, originally uploaded by BigPikaChica.

This was originally cast-on (more than once) on Monday. The yarn was calling me, begging me to knit with it. But, a pattern wasn't coming to mind. I sat on the couch with Robyn as she worked and I fondled my yarn. Nothing was inspiring me. So, I put the yarn and needles in my bag, hoping I might find something online or in one of my many books.

Tuesday passed and I didn't get a chance to look for anything. My days was super busy from wake-up to sleepy-time.

Today, after I finished my work, I started to look around. Finally, after browsing my One-Skein Wonders books, I resorted to Ravelry. There weren't many patterns to choose from, but Nellieknits' Sabrina Scarf (rav link) jumped out at me. Its a simple garter stitch scarf worked across 16 stitches.

I hadn't considered going simple. Simple is perfect! Especially for Happy Hour! I can knit and talk and talk and knit! YAYz!

**links fixed!***


Anonymous said...

Yarn looks like it's fun! BTW, your link to the inspiration is not working.


Heather said...

linkie fixed!