Friday, January 16, 2009

Re-Crayon'd Crayons!

Re-Crayon'd Crayons!
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I know I should have blogged this last night, but I was tired. If you've seen my Flickr, then you already know that I had a little fun recycling crayons.

Earlier this week, I saw a link to this Instructable: ReUse ReMake CrayonsI've spent the past couple of days de-labeling and sorting a bunch of crayons that I received from Freecycle members.

Yesterday, when I made my weekly trip to Joann, I came across the mother-load of candy molds! AND I had a 50%off coupon! SCORE!! Wilton 10 Piece Candy Mold Mega Pack I don't think I even used all of them.

My goal was to make enough for my niece, nephew and little brother. That's how much I made and then I put everything away. I still have a ton of crayons left over and I plan to make more.

I originally wanted to recycle my crayon-tinting crayons that have gotten un-usable for my non-kid-size-hands, but I have yet to find a suitable mold or mold making material. I have made some dummy-crayons out of dowels, but now I need to find a suitable mold material.

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