Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Colorado - Jan 2009

Colorado - Jan 2009
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We got back from Colorado early yesterday morning and I brought a cold with me. Go figure. Why couldn't it wait until next week, when I am off work!

I've uploaded all of our pics, so take a look! Yes, we got the trucks stuck... and then unstuck. Yes, Erik peed his nickname in the snow. Yes, Papa's snowmobile took a nosedive down the side of a hill. Don't worry, he jumped off before it went.

Not much knitting happened. I got through the thumb gusset on my first pair of mittens. I finished Twilight when were half way there and then I started New Moon.

K. Gotta go back to work now. Playing catchup and trying to get ahead so I can take next week off for my birthday!

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