Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The AMAZING Button Maker & Buttons

Joanns had something!!! They had what I was looking for... "The Amazing Button Maker" for $17.99 - 7.20 (40% off)!! It came with 20 1.25" buttons. The 20 button refill kits
are 5.99-2.40 (40%), so I bought two! With a circle cutter (which I don't like and will exchange), I got out of there spending less than $35! Sadly, I can't find it anywhere on the Amazon or Joann's websites.

So far, this little plastic machine is worth the little cash that I spent on it! Of course, the buttons aren't perfect like my friend Cat's, but they are way better than I expected. I was planning on trying it out tonite and not liking it. Well, that's out the window! It's pretty cool and does what I want, geocache swag!

It may look like a piece of junk, but it is doing the job! I'm mostly disappointed in the circle cutter that I bought!

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Bettie said...

have you left the house yet or are you still making buttons?