Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just in time!!

Just in time!!
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Yes... I am going to the New Kids on the Block concert and I am VERY proud of it!!! So proud, that I needed a t-shirt to wear, since Mom threw all of mine out ages ago. There was no chance that I was going to fit into them anyways.

Joey, you have to share me with my husband. I hope that is ok.

I tivo'd the Behind the Scenes and Boston concert on VH1 and watched them last night. SWOON!! I was knitting and singing along. I might have drooled a little on my sweater, but that's what happens when you mix yarn and NKOTB!

Anyone know where I can find the old VHS tapes, without paying a fortune on Ebay? I just want to borrow them. I promise to return them!

EDIT: I just found the New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits: The Videos DVD on Netflix! Yes, it is now at the top of my queue. Erik is going to hate me. hehehehe


mama says: said...

I have the Hangin' Tough VHS, but I am not willing to part with it. Wish I was going to the concert, but my baby is just too young fr me to leave him for an evening. Darn! Hope it is great :)

mama says: said...

Woops, I think I have Step By Step, not hangin' tough. I will have to go look now, because I did a google and I am confused :P