Monday, August 18, 2008

FIVE MORE DAYS!!! --- SP Question #10

Five more days until I am Mrs. Larsen!! Woo hoo!! I can't wait!! I'm finally starting to get excited. It is supposed to rain, but I'm not worried. There is a hurricane headed towards Florida, but I'm not worried. Things are going to work out just fine! HAPPY DANCE!! HAPPY DANCE!!

Yes, posting has been sporadic, and will continue to be until the first of September. I will try to Twitter, every now and again. So subscribe to that feed, or watch the upper-right corner of my blog, if you want some up-to-the-minute posts!

Which Olympic event would best describe your knitting/knitting style?
This one is kind of hard!! Maybe gymnastics, because you can make mistakes and still get a medal!

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