Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday Nite Fiber & Weekend Sacrifices

Friday Nite Fiber
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An evening of beer, fiber (crochet, really), and Texas country music. Erik and I went to see Brian Houser at Shady Oaks BBQ on Friday. While I crocheted and responsibly only had two beers, Erik never went without two at a time. That's why I get to drive. All I need is some kind of yarny-project and a place to sit and I am happy! Yarn + Beer + BBQ + Texas Country Music... I think Vicki Howell would be proud!

It was another weekend at the lake house. By Saturday breakfast, I had used up all of my solid pink yarn and I was 8 rows short of finishing the bottom ribbing. A serious fiber-disaster. I had not planned ahead enough to bring another project or buy enough yarn to sustain me through the weekend. So, I made a special trip into town for more yarn. I had planned to drive 45 minutes one way, just so I wouldn't have to go without. Talk about addiction! Luckily, I found a brand new Hobby Lobby only 20 minutes out. WHEW!

As soon as I got back to the lake, the boys broke a pipe under the house that they were trying to fix. SIGH! So, we turned the water off to the rest of the house and roughed it. We still had one water hose that was on a separate circuit as everything else, so we could still keep things flushed. We also stockpile bottled water, so the only sacrifice we made was washing our hair outside with the hose and bathing with wash rags and stove heated water.

Oh!! I did crochet on the boat, which is WAY HARDER to do than knitting on the boat. I almost finished the first 16in of the cover-up and then I noticed two big mistakes that caused me to rip all by 2 rows out. The ribbing was safe, don't worry.

Last night, while watching Tivo'd Gossip Girl, I made up for half of what was ripped out. I didn't watch that show when it was new, but I am seriously liking it! I have the first book, that the tv series is based on, coming via BookMooch.Com.

Gotta run and do a little work!!! xoxo (hehehe)

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