Friday, June 06, 2008

Computer Surgery

I am a nerd....
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No, I'm not talking about Trauma Center for the DS. I'm talking about my poor home PC. For the past couple of days, we have had some unreal wind blowing around here. 50+ mph gusts. Well, my power provider doesn't think it is high priority to fix the issue of the crazy transformer and wire issues in my back yard. The causes my lights to flicker (ha ha, not Flickr) and the occasional power surge when it is windy.

Yesterday afternoon, the lights were playing the flicker game so I turned off and unplugged the computer at home. I guess I was too late. This morning I got up to check my email and the damn thing wouldn't even turn on. No juice.

With everything unplugged, I lug it to work so I can open it up to work on it. I tried to swipe Mom's power supply from her desktop, but it didn't have the right connectors.

After a $100 trip to Best Buy for one of their cheapie power supplies, I got things working again and saved myself from having to buy a new desktop or at least an overpriced repair. BONUS: It is a tax write-off, since I do some of my business at home.

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