Monday, May 26, 2008

Spin, Spin, Sugah!

I can spin! Not well, but I can spin!! I made a drop spindle for under $5. I even picked up some wool roving for needle felting to try it out. So far so good!

I'm having fun with it! I've spun up two roving balls already. See? To the right. I even found a a new use for my Converse sneakers!

So where did I learn to spin... on my own... with no help? Megan taught me!

On a sadder note, Erik's grandfather passed away over the weekend. So, we will be handling that this week. I will have my knitting to create fiber-hugs for those that really need them.

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Anonymous said...

It looks great and wonderful way to use your converses! Thanks for the link to the tuts, I just might get my spindle out and play around.