Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everything but knitting...

So I bought two more pairs of Converse sneakers last week. The pink and black ones were only $20 at Marshalls. I couldn't resist. I think these are my favorite pair!! Cooter thinks I am a little crazy, can't you tell?

Then, when I got home, I noticed that the OVERPRICED ebay sellers had my clear ones (drool!) in stock. That is when I check Journeys and, sure enough, they had them!!! So I bought them too, only after asking permission since I am a shoe-ho!

John, my other boyfriend/UPS delivery man, brought me my new, CLEAR Chucks yesterday. I am in L-U-S-T with them!! They look great with my hand knit socks!! They are a little foggy, but I am wearing acrylic socks (its too warm for wool) and it is very humid today.

I also have been playing in the dirt some more!! I bought some Margarita Sweet Potato Vines to plant in my cinder-block wall. I had placed some pavers on top to make it a solid wall, but I switched around the pavers and the top row of blocks to make them into planters. I can't wait to see it cascading down the little block wall!!

Lastly, I finally acquired a human-powered lawn mower. Just another way for me to get some exercise and reduce lawn mower emissions, thus reducing my footprint a little bit more. I really like how this thing cuts. It has a little trouble with some of the softer weeds, but I just yank them up if they aren't cut. Whats better is that it doesn't make the loud noise that a gas mower makes. I can actually listen to my iPod while I cut the grass!

Oh!!! Today I took my wedding dress to get it altered to fit!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Can you tell that I am excited?

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ahufford said...

Those are some frickin nice converses! You make me want some!