Thursday, April 24, 2008

Honeymoon Shawl - KIRI - grrrrrr

I have cast on three times for this shawl.

#1: Sunday, after I finished my Obama Socks. Ripped it out because I was going by the written directions and not the chart, which made me lose stitches somewhere.
#2: Monday, on our way to the hospital. I actually got the first chart finished. Ripped it out because my Denise separated and I dropped half of my stitches.
#3: Tuesday, on our way to the hospital. Got the first couple of rows of the second chart this time. Ripped it out because I dropped more stitches.

Sigh........ I am angry at this shawl pattern. No more Kiri... for now....


brandilion said...

I haven't knit Kiri, is it one of those that you cast on a billion stitches for?

if so, suck!

Cathy said...

awww. i hate when that happens. i had that with a sock recently. i could only get so far and then something would happen... over and over and over. bastards!

Kenny said...

"Ripped it out because my Denise separated and I dropped half of my stitches." That is probably the only thing I do not like about Denise needles. That's happened me twice on the same project, but luckily I was knitting with cotton, so the stitches that would have dropped just stood there.

Heather said...

Kiri actually starts with a provisional cast-on of 3 stitches and then you work 14 rows in your yarn. You then pickup 7 stitches from the garter ridges and the 3 from the provisional cast-on. Kind of a pain.

Oh well... It has now changed to a Daisy Shawl pattern that will be detailed later... If I get past the first 40 rows.