Saturday, April 26, 2008

From black to green ( I hope!)

Thumbs, that is!!

I'm been on an earthy kick lately, haven't I!?!?

Well... My grandfather has this garden at our lake house that grows the best veggies! All summer, we have tomatoes that are like apples. They are the meatiest tomatoes I have every eaten. After a long day of playing on the water, I like to go up there and pick one and eat it right off the plant. YUM!

My grandfather also likes those gimmicky things that you see on tv. That is where my upside-down tomato plants come in. He bought two of the Gardener's Revolution Planters for me to try. I figured, why not.

So, I now have 6 tomato plants, two in the upside-down planters and four in the ground by my retaining wall. I know they won't be nearly as yummy as my grandfather's but a girl can hope, right?

See the flowers in the fountain in the background of that picture on the left? I planted those last week! That fountain was left in a rental property, as well as my birdbath. Erik kept yelling at me because they kept filling up with rainwater and breeding mosquitoes. Now, they hold pretty flowers. They've lasted a whole week, which is a major success for me!

Oh! I have to share the pics of Miss Gizmo after her trip to the groomer yesterday. Erik kept saying that he wanted Mo to have a pink mohawk. The Petsmart groomer doesn't have doggy-dye, but they did successfully give her the mohawk. It is sooo cute!!!! I will definitely do it again!! I think she really liked it too! She was prancing around the house like she owned it!

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