Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm gonna finish.....

20080329 - Obama Socks
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this sock tonite, if it kills me!!! hahaha

I worked on Obama Sock #1 all evening and I finished it! That is why this is a late night post. Plus, I really wanted to annoy Erik while he was playing COD4. Uploading makes his game lag. >;o)

As I was weaving in the tail, post toe grafting, I noticed that this yarn is just a pretty in reverse-stockinette! That is why I just HAD to post! I didn't want to forget, since I never really look at the inside of a sock after it is finished.

Wow! Half a sock on US1s in two nights. My hands are tired. I really want to play with my new Denise set, but I'm trying to finish these by Monday for a new KAL that I've joined, Sock Stash Elimination Campaign. I don't think it helps that I bought a bunch of sock yarn yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

I love that color!!