Saturday, March 22, 2008

DDR is kicking my butt!!!

DDR is kicking my butt!!!
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I used to hate this game. I could just never get the hang of it, until today...

Today, we went to Erik's nephews 4th birthday party at Mountasia, where they had one of the DDR machines and my fiance's mom begged me and her daughter to play it. So we did and it wasn't that bad! That is when I decided that we would pick up a copy for the house.

I thought it would be a good thing that would get me moving and into shape before our wedding. HOLY CRAP!!! That game kicked my butt! I'm not great at it, but I broke into a sweat after a few songs. And there are several songs that will be stuck in my head for a while!

If anyone wants to play, send a FR to me on XBL! I'm BigPikaChica there, too!

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