Friday, March 07, 2008

Cat mocked my snow!!

And this is what came falling down!! It's not much for those further north, but it was a big deal here, in Texas!!! Sadly, it has already melted. Pics are in my Flickr, too!

I went home from work early and got some serious knitting finished! I fixed the sleeves on Erik's Not-So-Cursed Sweater. He is wearing it at work today. I'll try to post a pic tonight or tomorrow. The body is still a little big, but it's warm!

I also knit up two coasters for our new table. I didn't want to get water rings on it!! I think I am going to make a couple more.

I just used the awesome Entrelac Tutorial (ravelry) for one and the Knitty Gritty: It's So Mod Coasters pattern (ravelry) for the other. Both with Peaches & Creme (Lemon-Lime) and on US8 needles!

I even ripped out what I had started on my A Little Something For Myself sweater and reknit it. I didn't like how the entrelac without slipped stitches was looking, so I redid it with slipping the first stitch on each row. I can't exactly explain it. At least it looks prettier!


ahufford said...

Be thankful you didn't get the freezing rain (trees are covered in ice) and now the snow - with whiteout conditions. It's been a fun week.

Cathy said...

awww. your snow is cute. ;)