Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ANIME REVIEW: Those Who Hunt Elves I & II

Erik and I have started to watch anime together (again). We used to do this a few years ago, but video games started to get in the way. Go figure. Now, we try to watch an episode or two before we go to bed. So far, we have completed two series, Gundam Wing and Those Who Hunt Elves I & II. I might review Gundam Wing at a later time, since it is such a well-known anime. But I am going to review Those Who Hunt Elves now!

Those Who Hunt Elves I

from AnimeNewsNetwork.Com:
"An actor, a martial artist, a gun-crazy high school student, and their tank are transported from earth to a world of elves and magic. However, the spell to return them home was botched resulting in fragments of the spell being magicly imprinted onto their skin. Their solution: run around looking for elves and stripping them whereever they find them."

This is by far the better of the two series/seasons. Erik and I really enjoyed this one. There were several times where we both laughed out loud. At 12 episodes it doesn't get on your nerves and is quite enjoyable to watch!

Those Who Hunt Elves II

from AnimeNewsNetwork.Com:
"After Junpei botched the second attempt to transport back to Japan, the four embark their journey once again to collect runes imprinted on skin of Elven females by stripping them. Celsia is cursed into the form of another animal this time."

Sadly, the second series/season doesn't really stack up again the first. It seems that they tried to do the same thing as the first season, but it was overdone. All in all, it just isn't as funny or entertaining. The last episode or two were the best, but still leaves you wanting closure. The bottom line, since you can only get this season in a box set with the first, you might as well watch it too! It's only 12 episodes.

You can get these DVDs here: Those Who Hunt Elves - Complete DVD Collection

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SheCrochets said...

This is too funny that you reviewed this today, since I just posted that I am looking for some anime recommendations! This sounds great, I will put it on my list! Thanks. :-)