Saturday, February 02, 2008

Washing Machine Workout

Wow! My washing machine is getting a workout this weekend!

I finished my mittens for the Hello Kitty Mystery KAL #3. I am waiting for them to dry before I put my HK heads on them. This pair is almost too small!! I can barely get them over my hands. It could be because they are wet and they don't want to slide very well.

The second felted project that I started and finished were the house slippers from Knit 2 Together (ravelry). My normal house shoes have disappeared, so I thought I would make a pair. This was a really easy project that turned out really cool. I wanna make more! They are a great stash-buster, especially when you use different colored strands.

I can wait to take pictures of everything, but cold wet wool on my hands and feet isn't that appealing right now! hehehe

1 comment:

Quilty bird said...

If you have to use the washer, that's the best way to use it. :o)

I haven't felted anything yet, but soon, I hope.