Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ahhhhh..... (quickie)

I miss knitting monogamy. One project at a time. That feeling of accomplishment.

Last night, I finally got to work on the Not-So-Cursed Sweater. I worked a whole 8 rows while watching a horrible movie called Shoot 'Em Up. Erik liked it. It was a ridiculously violent movie with no real point. A guy is running around town with a hooker and an orphaned newborn, shooting everyone within range. bleh

If I wanted a violent movie, I would have just popped in one of my favorites, Boondock Saints. It is just as violent, but with a totally better story and no babies. I think there is a hooker, though. I know there is a stripper, briefly.

Back to knitting monogamy... It's great to see my WIP list in Ravelry to be knocked down to just three projects: Kia-Kia (yes, I'm still working it), Erik's Afghan (on its way to being frogged), and the Not-So-Cursed Sweater.

I already have the yarn for my next project, Apothecary Raglan from the Winter '07/Spring '08 KnitScene. I really shouldn't start it before I finish Kia-Kia, but it is soooooo tempting! Especially since is was 80 degrees last weekend and it seems that I have fewer and fewer cold days left to wear it!

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