Friday, January 25, 2008

So much for a vacation.....

Ok..... So I have either been to work (M-Th) or done something from home (today) for work every day this week. I think this is the latest that I have had my PJs on all week. WHY CAN'T MY FAMILY REALIZE THAT I NEED A BREAK?!?!? LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Learn how to do things like run an application or type a lease, DAMMIT!!! You have been in this business longer than I have!!! I have shown you a million times!!

Ok. Family calling is fine, but when they give tenants my personal cell phone number.... IRK!!!! I have no clue how many people I have told to call the office because I was not working this week.

Everyone else can go on vacation and the office is fine, but when I want a break, no one knows how to do anything!!!! I am half tempted to turn off my phone, but I have a feeling that my email would start blowing up!!

Its cold and raining, so I am off to knit, on the couch, in my PJs. oh look... my phone is ringing again....

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