Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pretty Dresses and Purple Socks

How convenient! There is a bridal show this weekend! That is why I am up so early! I have to go get Robyn out of bed so we can meet Mom and head that way! I'm so excited.

Did I mention that I have already found THE dress!?!? Totally by accident. Mom and I went to David's Bridal to get and idea of colors for bridesmaid dresses. I would show you guys the dress, but my bridesmaids don't even get to see it until the BIG day! It is that awesome!

Miss Debbie... I haven't forgotten about you. Since I had to start your socks over, things have been going slowly... But, the have been going! I just need to finish the leg and you will have one sock! The big question is... Would you like me to send the pair as I finish each, or would you like it all at once?

I gotta run! Robyn takes forever to get dressed and I'm sure Mom is wanting to go to lunch before the show!

OH!! Before I forget... again! Thank you to EVERYONE that sent their congrats!!! I am so excited and so happy!

New Years Resolution #1: Go back to one project at a time (plus a pair of socks). Life was much simpler back then!

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