Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's all about the feet!!

Piperlime's latest email did its job!! Since my Wedding Chucks aren't going to be here for a little white and I can't wear them until the wedding anyways, I bought two more pairs of Converse/Wanna-Be's. These are a little more wild than the ones I already have... I even considering buying a really ugly pair on eBay and decorating them, like these!!

FO ALERT!!! Debbie's Thank You Socks are finished!! The second one is going in the mail today!

So lets go over my vacation goals, one more time...
  • Finish Robyn's Christmas 2007 Socks - CHECK!
  • Finish Debbie's Thank you Sock #2 - CHECK! (yes, I am counting this...)
  • Work on Erik's Not-So-Cursed Sweater
  • Make another Holy Crap! It's Cold! (Hannah) Hat - CHECK! (times two!)
  • Start the Hello Kitty KAL 3 - Winter Mama Mittens
  • Make room for Erik's furniture in the craft room
  • Play some Super Paper Mario and Blue Dragon - HALF CHECK! (a little Mario was played)
  • Mail some postcards to fellow Postcard Junky members - CHECK! (and then some!)
Gotta run!! Going to pick up the rest (14) of the vases for my centerpieces!!

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Anonymous said...

Those are cool - a bit too wild for me. I like how you used white instead of while...wonder what is on your mind ;-)