Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello Vacation!

Next week I will be on vacation. I'm not going to any exotic place. I am going to the land of PJs and Tivo! Oh! There will be knitting... Lots of knitting!! I can't wait!!

My goals for my vacation:
  • Finish Robyn's Christmas 2007 Socks
  • Finish Debbie's Thank you Sock #2
  • Work on Erik's Not-So-Cursed Sweater
  • Make another Holy Crap! It's Cold! (Hannah) Hat
  • Start the Hello Kitty KAL 3 - Winter Mama Mittens
  • Make room for Erik's furniture in the craft room
  • Play some Super Paper Mario and Blue Dragon
  • Mail some postcards to fellow Postcard Junky members

Debbie has received her first sock and it is a perfect fit! I hope I can get the other done soon.

Yesterday, I cast on and finished my Holy Crap! It's Cold! Hat.

PATTERN: Hannah, from Dec 2007 MagKnits
YARN: Patons SWS in Natural Blue
EXTRAS: I added an extra repeat of the button hole rows because most hats that I make won't cover my ears! I hate cold ears! hehehe

And finally... Some knitting-ish sappy-ness... Today's "Love Is..." comic... I am his sweater girl, cuz I knit him sweaters! hehehe


Anonymous said...

That's a good color for you. Looks great and have fun resting.

Cat said...

i always seem to have to add rows to make hats that cover ears. hmmmmm. maybe its just toooooo cold up here. or everyone i know has giant heads.

it looks good. those colors are fab, i will take pics of the hat i made lindsey with that same color wray of patons!