Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Knitting At Nascar

Originally uploaded by BigPikaChica
As promised, I am posting my pictures! We had so much fun!! You can see how awesome our day was here, in my Flickr!! I took almost 100 pictures!!!


Cathy said...

awww those pics remind me of my IRL days and lunch with Team Penske (umm Helio Castroneves being the important part of that!)

i better go next year!

glad you had fun chica! :)

aisling said...

Great pictures ! My kids bought their Wii (they saved up for it themselves, chores, "found" change, etc) now they are working on saving for their Pokemon game ;) The things that motivate!!!

Amy said...

So my dear, where's my Kasey pic? Anyways, how did you get those again? We need to get together and go to a race together (either at Texas or at Indy Speedway).

SheCrochets said...

I love shots of "socks in the wild" like this one! :-)