Friday, August 03, 2007

*NEW* on Etsy

In an effort to... ahem... justify some of my recent fabric purchases, I am selling some items in my own Etsy store, BigPikaChica's Closet! Since I can make more than one item from a fat quarter of fabric, I am making one for me and at least one to sell.

To start, I have listed some really cute boxers. I have some t-shirts cut out, but not sewn. I am glad that Erik saved the leftovers from his t-shirt quilt (that's almost done). I think I will have enough for several t-shirts. I really want to make a New Kids on the Block one for Nymphadora!! hahaha

I also have PJ's planned, but the set that has been finished and the second set that is in the works are too cute to sell!! Plus, for a full set, it takes more than 2 fat quarters and over 4 hours of work. Maybe after a few sets, I'll get the hang of it and it will go faster.

Oh! I forgot to share the Simpsonized images of us!! You can see them better in my Flickr. Just clickie the images.

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