Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dreambaby Socks

Dreambaby Socks
Originally uploaded by BigPikaChica.
FINISHED: 6 July 2007

YARN: Plymouth Dreambaby DK
PATTERN: My own generic-toe-up-socks

I finished these late last night while watching Casino Royale with Erik and his roommate. They are a prefect fit!! The pattern is a simple sock with a 2x2 rib leg. Simple.

I have already balled up the yarn for my next socks. They are going to to made from Instant Gratification Sock Yarn in Bluebonnet. I only have one problem. I need to buy some metal double pointed needles in sizes 5 AND 6! I only have bamboo and I don't like them anymore! Ooooohhh.... I think it might be time to destash some more!!

If you will excuse me...

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Amy said...

I love that color for the socks. They look awesome Heather.