Monday, June 18, 2007

Secret Pal Stuff

My SP 10 package arrived today! Thank you!!! But, sadly, the Raisinets didn't fair to well. Gotta love that hot Texas sun! I put the boxes into the freezer to salvage them and make a Raisinet-bar! hehehe I can't wait to think of something to knit out of the linen yarn!!

I also sent out my last SP10 package today. I included a postcard revealing who I am, along with a pair of wristwarmers that she had requested! I knit them in Patons SWS in Natural Blue (I think). Again, this yarn is such a joy to work with and these wristwarmers barely used one ball!!! I will link to her post when she receives them!

I am so behind on Project Spectrum. I think I will start a square or two this week. Hopefully, I can finish one for this month and one for next month. If I could just put down the postcards!!

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