Monday, June 11, 2007

$5.00 Knitting!!

Knit 2 Together
Ok... The book was $5.50 (marked down from $27.50 on Amazon), but I picked out 7 patterns that I really like!!! I bought this book because I would rather pay for another book that pay for shipping.

At first glance, the patterns really beg to be knit. I definitely plan to knit the House Slippers, Mel's Mouse Family (for my little bro), Santa Cruz Hoodie, and the Tropical Garden Vest.

The other book that I bought was Charmed Knits (and the Pokemon DS Pokedex). I was really excited about this one. Although I marked fewer patterns, I am still so happy that I bought it. I really want to make the Quidditch Sweater and the Quidditch/House Socks.

It sucks that I live in Texas and the movie and book both come out in July. I am NOT going to wear wool socks or a sweater in July!! LoL

There are a few blogs that I read that are a part of Ravelry... AND I'M JEALOUS!!!!! I want to post my pics and books and yarn!!!! I know... It's still in BETA. At least once I finally get to sign up, they won't take it away, unlike the Halo 3 Beta, which ran out last night. Hopefully, I won't have to wait until September for Ravelry, like Erik has to for H3.

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Amy said...

How cool is that - I actually got to see Charmed Knits in person, but I didn't get it (I was more focused in getting Harry Potter 4). I, like you, can't wait for Ravelry - great idea.