Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WII: Cooking Mama Cook Off

*Official* Cooking Mama Cook Off Website

I have been wanting to see if I would like this game before I bought it, so I rented it. I am super glad that I did.

The concept is awesome!! I haven't played Cooking Mama on the DS yet, but I plan to. As for the Wii version, the controls seem a little clunky. Maybe I just don't shake my wii-mote right, but it seems that I couldn't even manage to complete simple tasks, like stirring a pot correctly.

Erik and I both played for more than an hour and just couldn't quite get the hang of things. Maybe my TV is too far from the couch. It could just be me!

Still, as I said, the concept is awesome!!! If I found this game for $30, I would buy it. Otherwise, I'll just play the DS version when I get a hold of it.

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Christina said...

Yeah. Way expensive.

I'm playing Super Paper Mario still. Almost finished!