Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rocky, Come Home....

Erik's dog, Rocky, is missing...

He has "left" before and come home a week later. That is what we are hoping now. He was still in the neighborhood last night as we were looking. People had seen him hours after his... escape.

The crappy thing is... He had help getting out. The genius contractors that were cutting trees (away from the power lines) in the backyard left the gate open. Oh wait! It gets better! They had knocked on the door to let Dennis, Erik's roommate, know that they needed in the backyard, so Dennis put Rocky in the laundry room. When they were done, they let Dennis know and he let Rocky back into the yard.

When Dennis woke up from his nap, he went out for a smoke and noticed that Rocky wasn't back there and that the big gate was open again. Erik's neighbor found a Nextel phone in his yard that his dogs had confiscated and made their own. This belongs to one of the workers. From what we can tell is that one of the guys went back to look for his phone and left the gate open, which gave Rocky the opportunity to escape.

We spent the evening driving around the neighborhood looking for him. People had seen him in the same area hours after the escape, so we home that he will come home soon. We will go look again this evening. Erik doesn't know what to feel. He is upset, but won't quite show it.

We did talk to one of the dispatchers on the doggie-discovered cellphone that worked until the battery died. He is supposed to be calling Erik this afternoon about the phone. Erik left out the missing dog thing until he actually has the company name and more contact information. We did however find out the name of the genius that can't close a gate... JOSH.

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