Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pullips MeMe

Here's a pullip meme, ***STOLEN*** from Mirage (thetruenoir) who wrote it in feellikeso.

name: Heather
birthday: January 1980
pullip you most resemble (physically): Vivian or Alice
pullip you most resemble (style-wise): Arietta or Purezza Summer 2005
pullip you most resemble (personality): Papin
pullip you wish you looked like: none of 'em... I like me!!
I would steal this pullip's clothes: Eternia
taeyang you would turn into a human and date: Lead
taeyang you make your boyfriend dress like: Trunk
taeyang you would think is the "creepy guy": Serpent

favorite pullip you own: Right now, Yokuhi (Zuora), but it changes often!
she looks the best in: Arietta's overalls & pink t-shirt
favorite taeyang you own: Brit (Shade) is my hybrid, my queen, and my only thing close to a Taeyang! LoL
he looks the best in: Capris, pink tank, green blazer/jacket
favorite item of pullip clothing: Arietta's overalls
favorite suit: don't have one
must have pullip stock accessory: everyone's cards
"why did they make this???" accessory:
best stock pullip shoes: Wind - gotta love the Adidas shell-toes!
best stock taeyang shoes: never owned any

favorite type 1 pullip: Street, Moon
favorite type 2 pullip: Oren, Chicca, Mercu, Jupi
favorite type 3 pullip: Zuora, Papin
favorite namu: Vispo
favorite taeyang: Lead
favorite special release doll: none
favorite "couple" release: Red Riding Hood & Wolf
favorite mini pullip: don't really like 'em
favorite stock outfit for pullip: Papin
favorite stock outfit for taeyang: Sage

icky type 1 pullip: Carol
icky type 2 pullip: Nero, Sacralita
icky type 3 pullip: Rovam, Greggia
icky namu: Serpent
icky taeyang: Timlus
icky special release doll: not sure
icky "couple" release: not sure
icky mini pullip: all of them
icky stock outfit for pullip: Greggia
icky stock outfit for taeyang: Serpent

underrated pullips: Street, Zuora
overrated pullips: Latte, Raphia
underrated taeyang: not sure
overrated taeyang: not sure

have you ever...
[ ] bought a doll and sold it within the month
[ ] spent over $100 on a doll
[ ] bought a pullip/taeyang at a store, not online
[ ] broken a doll
[x] customized a doll (Brit & Yuna-in progress)
[x] bought a doll off eBay (Papin, Fiori, Shade)
[ ] bought a doll, then wish you didn't
[x] changed your opinion about a doll
[ ] bought duplicates
[ ] bought a special release doll
[ ] taken a doll on a vacation with you
[x] taken a doll in public
[x] just sat and stared at one of your dolls going "....soooo priddy..."
[x] been embarrassed of your doll-collecting (only sometimes)
[x] made a picfic
[ ] let a doll sleep in your bed
[ ] been to a pullip meet
[ ] wished guys were as hot as taeyangs
[ ] wondered why pullip dumped namu
[ ] spent hours on ebay outbidding people for a doll
[x] thought "i have too many..."
[x] had a dream about pullips
[x] felt dorky buying barbie clothes for your doll (then I just explain that I collect Japanese fashion dolls)
[x] taken your pullip to work/school (I took Scarlet to work one day)
[ ] given a doll to somebody
[ ] recieved a doll from somebody

pick one
namu or taeyang: Taeyang
street, wind, or moon: Street or Moon, ack!
HB1 or HB2 pullip: HB2
panda, paja, moon, mitzi, or leprotto: Moon
old purezza or brand new purezza: Brand New
papin or chicca: Papin
nero or oren: Oren
lan ai or ake: Lan Ake
cornice or raphia: Cornice
LRRH, Anne or Alice: Alice
Majullae or Beressa: Beressa
Jupi or Mercu: Jupi
Squall or Bouquet: Squall
Bianca or Noir: Bianca
Afternoon or Alte: Afternoon

and the other dolls...
do you collect other dolls: Yes
did you collect dolls as a child: Yes
did you play with barbies growing up: Yes
bratz- sexy or skanky: Yes.....
favorite type of "other" doll: Sailor Moon or Wonder Woman
icky type of "other" doll: Bratz
old memory of other dolls: I mis my hand-me-down Barbie Dream house (the one with 3 stories and an elevator). That thing was HUGE!!! I wish I still had it!!!

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