Monday, April 02, 2007

Due to the lack of knitting....

I didn't score any points for the Nascar KAL. Sad, really. I think I knit a whole 3 rounds on my Dreambaby Sock #1 for the whole week.
On the bright side of things, when I was unintentionally deleting portions of this blog, I created one just for my MINI, called My MINI Adventures. That is where I will post most, if not all, of my MINI Cooper stuff.

It is also time for new Project Spectrum colors! How about some ***NEW*** English ivy that I planted in my flower beds! Since I have killed everything else in these beds except for the monkey grass, I can't be too optimistic about the ivy, but it is still growing!

Over the weekend, Erik and his Grandpa hung a new storm door at Erik's house. The old on had fallen off in Dennis' (Erik's roommate) hands. Since Erik's house isn't really square, this took a little while. We got everything done except for hanging the springs. It was dinnertime and sushi was calling!!

Also, no stash flashing here... I need to get things a little more organized before I start showing stuff off!! LoL


brandilion said...

Sorry about the nascar KAL but the ivy looks great! I'm sure it will be fine.

Could you send me your email, I have something I would like to share.

Amy said...

oo - I see you've gotten your things back up.