Friday, March 16, 2007

Updates, Rings, and KALs

One sock, one flip-flop sock, a bracelet, a baby blanket and an afghan... That is everything that I have on the needles... I think...

Last night, while watching Grey's, I couldn't wait to cast on the Emerald Beaded Bracelet. How fun is this thing to knit!!! So simple, yet it looks so hard!!! This is my first projects using beads, so I may be overly-excited. But, I don't care... I might actually make more than one of these, using different colors of thread. I wonder if a thing of embroidery thread would be enough to make one.

I'm using some transparent rainbow seed beads in green with Lion Brand Lame in silver. The lame is a little rough, but you just don't sit there and knit, knit, knit with it. You have to manipulate the beads, which really saves your hands and fingers. I only hope that I strung enough beads!!!

The couple of nights ago, I cast on for my first argyle sock. About half way through the toe, I ripped it out. Wool socks for summer just don't sound that appealing, especially since I wear flip-flops 95% of the time. I then cast on 72 stitches of my first flip-slop sock that will just happen to be argyle. I am about a whole 4 rounds into it. My plans for it's mate is to reverse the colors of the large diamonds, but keep the ribbing, heel, and accent lines the same, light blue.

As for my Dreambaby socks... I worked about two rounds on the leg this week. Not really picture worthy. The same goes for Erik's Afghan, I finished a red zig-zag over last weekend. Woo hoo... Of course, I haven't touched the Baby Brother Blanket in months. Maybe I should pick that one back up. It would make for a nice 1st birthday present, which is next month!!

I found and attempted to join Knitters With MINIs, but the queue looks overly-full. I added myself anyways.

I also started a KAL!!! That is the Anime Kraft-Along.

The Rules!!!
#1) You must watch anime, or read manga, or read anime (sub)!!
#2) You must knit or crochet or craft.

This may be a knitalong, but any crafting will do, as long as you want to post about what you are watching, reading, or creating!!

Just email me at bigpikachica att yahoo dott com!! I will then reply with an invite to join this blog.

Gratutious SUSHI pic taken at Sushi Sam!!

I also filled up the MINI for the first time yesterday. It took more gas than it should have. I'm going to see if it does the same thing for the next fill-up. I hope its not the gas station trying to make extra $$.

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