Tuesday, March 13, 2007

KAL Picture Heavy

First, a delayed Project Spectrum post. This is a picture of my favorite tree, a Bradford Pear. The white flowers on these are always the first to bloom in the spring.

If you saw my post yesterday, I had discovered a few Nintendo knitting projects. This turned into a few hours of wasted time. I found a ton of graphs for Nintendo related goodness. I couldn't find a controller chart, so I made my own. This chart was then cast on for a DS cozy!!!! I might actually finish something for this week's Nascar race!!!

And lastly... My whole 75 points for this week's Nascar KAL!!!! So, I've been busy with the new MINI!!! LOL I had no takers on the magazines, so I just donated them. Destashing is destashing
Insert gratuitous dollie pic here!!!

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Good job on those points! And did you know that there is a group of Mini-owning knitters? I will try to track down where I saw the button.