Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Workin' On Our Winter Tan - Day 2

Still playing catch up here at work. I didn't get to knit last night because I was working on the scrapbook. I even got distracted and scanned in the missing images from the Vegas scrapbook and set that up for a slideshow (linked in sidebar). I just realized that I really need to clean up my sidebar. NO!! STOP!! KEEP ON TRACK!!! MUST FINISH CRUISE SCRAPBOOK FIRST!!!

Did I mention that my awesome aunt came through again?!?! She got me more yarn (yum!) and the book, One Skein, for my birthday!!! She seems really excited that her boyfriend's mom (or aunt I can't remember) has a yarn shop.

[click images for bigger images]

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Amy said...

Is that your Codi? Wonderful pics Heather! And lucky you!