Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Knitting, a Giveaway, and a Game Review

I've been really trying to work on Erik's Afghan. It is REALLY going to take a while. I have finished 24 rows... 24 out of 336-ish rows... Again, such is love!! LoL At least it doesn't need to be finished until next fall/winter.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!
I was blessed with some freebies that I am now going to pass on to you!!! Pictured below is what I am giving away. I have a four most recent Crochet magazines and an extra issue of Creative Knitting. If you want one of these, email me at bigpikachica att yahoo dott com with the magazine number you want. This is first come, first serve. I will reply and ask you for your address if you have won. Right now, it is one per person, but give me a couple of options that you might want, in case someone has already chosen yours. Good luck and enjoy!! BTW - I will pay for shipping and (hopefully) these magazine will count towards my Nascar points!! LoL

Last night, after our 4 x 24 marathon, Erik and Shannon played with the Wii. This was the second time that I actually got to play WiiPlay. Yes, Erik hogs the big screen with the 360.

Since this game came with the elusive WiiMote, the value of what was in the box increased, in my opinion. Take away the $40 controller and you get a $10 game. For my $10, I really enjoyed playing the 9-Ball game, Tanks and Lazer Hockey. That made it worth the purchase. The other games are really kind of cheesy or confusing when playing with another person. I kept watching Erik's target when we played the Duck Hunt-like game. My overall opinion, if I paid $50 for just the game (no WiiMote), I would be seriously pissed, but since it came with the controller, it is worth the purchase.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you worked so close to Simpatico? You are on LSSK too, aren't you? Hopefully we can meet up soon. Congrats on the quitting smoking, it sounds like you are doing great!

Christina said...

I haven't been able to find WiiPlay here yet. A $10 game with a WiiMote is definitely worth it though, even if the games are pretty cheesy looking.