Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I don't feel well.....

I am sick. I have been sick-ish since Valentine's day. Stupid cough keeping me awake at night. If it's not the cough, then it is the medicine that has kept me up (like last night). Oh well. No more whining...

Over the weekend, I cast-on and finished Rocky's sweater. It is the same pattern as Cooter's but I knit it in orange Red Heart. YUK! Of course, this is the only yarn that I could find that resembled the Longhorn's burnt orange, and that is the color that Erik wanted Rocky's sweater to be. We all know how I feel about that... SAW 'EM OFF!!!

I was sick and really didn't feel like doing much. This pattern is really mindless with minimal-to-no shaping.

Sadly, it is a little small and it was 80 degrees outside yesterday.

Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic... I forgot my camera.

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