Monday, November 27, 2006

Love the long weekends

The Thanksgiving Wrap-Up
Thursday - Meet Mom's side of my family at my grandparents and went to the Gaylord Texan for their Holiday Brunch. We do this so my grandmother won't exhaust herself by cooking and having company. It takes her several days to recover if she does this.

After lunch/brunch, we trucked it to Erik's brother's house for their Thanksgiving lunch. It was more to hang out and visit because we missed lunch. Oh well. That will be taken care of next year. This is what happens when my family makes plans without asking what is going on. SORRY PETER, STEVENI, MOM, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, and everyone else!!

From there, we swung by my house to grab our bags and the PS3 and headed to Tyler to see my Dad, Tammie, and my little brother. It was dark by the time we got out there, so we didn't get to see any of the lovely fall colors.

Friday - We got to play with Dillon and Dad all day long. Tammie had to work, so we only saw her for a little bit after the A&M UT Game. [Whoop!]

It was really cool to hand out with Dad and Dillon and watch some football (the only game that matters). Even my Dad was kind of rooting for UT. Shame on him!!

Erik and I had a bet. Who ever lost the bet had to buy my little brother a onesie [sp?] or a jersey with the winning team on it. Dillon is going to be sporting an Aggie outfit for Christmas!!!

After the game, we headed home (and got to see the amazing fall colors) to relax with some friends and hide for the rest of the weekend. We were so lazy that we didn't get the Christmas tree up or the light hung. Maybe this week. Maybe?

Saturday Night - I finished Maddie's hat and it is sooooo cute!!! I will post pics of her modeling it when I get the other kiddos' hats finished. I loved this yarn so much that I want to make a sweater out of it!! Or even a vest... Or... I don't know, it's just so YUMMY!!!

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