Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween and the lack thereof....

Every Halloween, we do it BIG. We make our costumes and go out to multiple places to show them off. Not this year. Over the weekend, we really didn't feel like going out. Erik was pooped from wakeboarding all day Saturday. Yes, we carved pumpkins. Yes, we ate pumpkin seeds. As far as hanging out at Mom's to hand out candy last night... That didn't happen. We had to go to class. I even missed an old friend stopping by.

NOTE TO SELF: Find out what day Halloween is on before registering for a class! LoL

At least we watched Tivo'd Heroes, which is soooo awesome!!! We are loving this show!!! Of course, Erik and I like to speculate what is going to happen. It is more like brainstorming. We do it with 4400 and Battlestar Galactica. Fun stuff!!

And this is sooooo tempting as well!!! NOROvember!!!! I might just sign up. This means a trip to Simpatico or The Knitting Nook, because I don't have any Noro in my stash. Hmmmm..... Tempting.... Ok... I'll sign up!!

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