Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cousin It

Amy wanted to know what color Blyss' hair was going to be. Blyss was a brunette when I got her. She looks like a brunette. So... She will stay a brunette, but with some highlights. The color I'm using is called My Sammy from RestoreDoll.Com. The link shows the hightlights better than the picture I took.
I didn't want a drastic change because I love my girls they way they are. I felt that I was neglecting Blyss because I hated fighting playing with her hair. I tried washing & conditioning it, as well as, using fabric softener, both with no satisfaction. Her hair would be "somewhat managable for a day and then would turn into a tangled frizzball. It was like my hair after a summer at the pool (or a day at Hurricane Harbor).

I am about half-finished with the first Blythe afghan. I really haven't had time to knit because of school and I have distracted by my dollies. Plus, I cast on Rocky's sweater last weekend.

Gotta run!! My best bud, Robyn, just got here and we are going to go to lunch together!!! BYE!!

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