Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Busy, again... Daily Update

Miss Miaka arrived and she brought Re-Ment and shoes!
Blyss has been looking longingly at Mimi's hair, so she jumped right into a sink of hot water as soon as I told her that I ordered her some new hair.Her scalp was removed and some of her hair. She had a TON of glue all over her head, but this is to be expected with ADG's.

I had an eviction and then a closing right after. I was so busy that I didn't even get a chance to blog!! When I got home, I finished working on Blyss' scalp. She is now making sad faces and is unsure with her decision.
I think the new hair might be here today. RestoreDoll.Com is based in Central Texas, which is only a few hours from here. I still need to go to Michael's and get an itty-bitty crochet hook and some tacky glue. Of course, it is also an excuse to fondle some yarn. I've really been wanting to take a look at the Patons SWS. Mmmmmm..... yarn.......

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Amy said...

what's blyss's hair color going to be?